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Where does the hair for my extensions come from?
We only purchase virgin and Remy Double Drawn Cuticle hair for all of our hair extensions. We have developed solid business relationships throughout the world with several hair suppliers/factories and only use the most superior quality products. 
What type of hair is available at Issonni?
Only 100% human hair is available at Issonni, free from synthetic coatings, fillers and fibers. Human hair is the best choice for your hair extensions because it is identical to the look and feel of your own natural hair.The hair we use is classified as Remy hair which means that all the cuticles are sorted into the same direction and all of the cuticles are in tact. What does this mean to our clients? Well, it means the hair extensions are easier to maintain when combing out, brushing or styling the extensions. The hair is also Double Drawn hair which means our clients get maximum volume as there are no short lenghts. It also means our hair extensions are less likely to tangle, they are more durable and always look healthy and shiny with no colour fade.Don’t be fooled by imitations claiming Remy/European Origin/AAA Grade. Make sure to do your research as these have become the most widely used terms in the hair extension industry resulting in unsuspecting consumers receiving low grade cast offs. Your new hair should feel like silk and if correctly cared for could last you up to a year of installations.
How long will my human hair last?
Our human hair extensions are designed to last for multiple installations.
How do I care for my hair extensions?
At Issonni we educate all our clients on the correct after care maintenance to suit their hair extensions and answer any questions or worries they may have. We provide detailed after care instructions that they can take home to consult and also stock our own branded after care productswhich have been specially formulated to care for human hair extensions.
Why do people get hair extensions?
At Issonni we have discovered that our clients have decided to have hair extensions applied for the following reasons, maybe you relate to one or more of them :My hair just won’t grow any longer I want a change as I’m bored of the same old style My hair is just too thin and fine I have a wedding or other special occasion?- I have a modeling job or I’m going on a movie set I want to disguise a bad haircut I want to be able to tie my hair up
Can my particular hair type carry hair extensions?
Any hair type can support hair extensions as long as it is two to three inches or longer in length. So whether your hair is Afro, European or Asian or thick, fine, medium, curly, straight or wavy - every hair type is available at Issonni and a system will be chosen to suit your particular hair type.  
How will you match my hair colour?
A colur swatch with an extensive range of colours is used to identify all the colour tones in your hair. The human hair is then expertly blended to your natural hair colour or mixed to create unique colour splashes, highlights or lowlights to compliment your new look.
Will people know I’m wearing extensions?
Human hair extensions should always be completely undectectable when professionally applied with precise colour matching and proper application. A free area is left with no connections should you wish to tie your hair back too so no one will ever know.
How will my hair feel heavy?
You will notice the extra hair and volume. Professionally applied extensions are always installed with minimal weight so they should closely match the look and weight of your natural hair.
How do I know how many extensions I need?
Many salons and technicians advise clients that they require a full head to gain the look they want. This is a complete myth! On consultation explain to your technician what you would like to achieve. By asertaining the length and depth of your hair a qualified technician can estimate the exact number of hair extensions that you will be required to achieve your new look. This can vary from 50 individual connections or a one sheet interweave for a little volume right up to 175 individual connections for a complete full head of hair.
Will hair extensions ruin my own hair?
There is no damage to your natural hair on installation or removal as we use no evasive adhesives, waxes, chemicals or heat. We promote good after care for your hair extensions and trust that if our guidelines are followed correctly your natural hair if previously damaged can actually improve or generally be left in the same condition as when the hair extensions where originally installed. 
Will there be any adverse effects to my scalp?
Hair extensions should not effect a clients scalp in any adverse way. Occassionally some clients can experience a slight itching sensation after an interweave has been installed this is due to slight tension on application and this is covered in the after care instructions.
Can I use my normal styling apparatus?
Yes we encourage our clients to enjoy their new hair and style them with any kind of appartatus they would ordinarily use on their natural hair as the hair extension are 100% human hair.
Do I need to buy after care products?
We supply our own line of after care products at Issonni which have been specially formulated with hair extensions in mind. As the hair is no longer attached at the root it does not receive any nutrients from the scalp so it is very important to purchase good quality products to maintain the hair’s moisture levels.
Can I colour my extensions?
Generally we would advise the client to make any major colour changes before having extensions applied. Although, if is necessary to have your roots topped up you can ask you hairdresser to colour your T-Bar (crown area and side perimeter) as usual and your extensions will cover all the other areas. If you do require an all over colour it is advised that you only use a semi-permanent colour on your human hair extensions free from ammonia and peroxide bleach.
How will my extensions be removed?
We reccomend returning to the studio for removal procedures as this ensures no damage to the natural hair. All of the hair extensions are re-usable so if you decide not to re-install them we can package them up for you for a later date. Please Note: There is a charge for all removal appointments.
How long will they last?
The recommended term for wearing your extensions is three months after which the connections can become visible due to hair growth in this period.
Can I get them straight back in after removal?
Yes our hair extensions are re-usable, safely installed and removed so there are no damaging effects to your hair in this process. Why wouldn’t you want to keep your new look?
What if I don’t like my extensions?
This is VERY rarely heard of, but if you’re really unhappy you can book a new appointment to have them removed leaving you hair exactly as it was before. Please Note: There is a charge for all removal and maintenance procedures.?
How much will it cost to get hair extensions?
Please see our pricing guide.
How much is a consultation?
We provide a complimentary consulatation, although we do request a EUR150 booking deposit prior to your appointment.

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