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Tag Archives: damaged hair


Treating Dry Damaged Hair

We see a lot of damaged hair at Issonni and it can sometimes be difficult to treat. Generally the best remedy is to remove several inches from our hair. With an increased use of heat styling and hair products which can be drying and damaging to hair, it can often lead to limp brittle locks. Continue Reading

Over processed damaged hair

With the right hair extensions, correct maintenance combined with some TLC you can assist hair back into good condition. This particular client has worn 125pcs of Perfect Connections for three years. These pictures are three years apart. This hair was in such bad condition from bleaching she was left with broken whisps, no volume or Continue Reading


Is my hair too damaged for hair extensions?

Caring for your hair extensions can be as simple or as complicated as you like. It often takes just a little tiny bit more than throwing your head over a bath and scrubbing them into a ball whilst hoping for the best. Excellent hair care is important whilst wearing human hair extensions. At Issonni caring Continue Reading

Finished Result

Hair Extensions for unusual hair types

As hair extensions are pretty standard across the board alot of ladies wonder if there is anything you can do for them as there hair is different to what they would feel is an average hair type. I meet alot of new clients every week and most recently I have met some ladies with what Continue Reading

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