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Issonni was founded by Emilia Ogoo in 2011, with over twenty years experience of the hair extension industry she began by self practice. Teaching herself to braid her own hair extensions due to a shortage of hairdressers who could facilitate afro hair, in a predominately white community. Always using hair extension as a side line she decided to pursue it full time and began to travel the world attending courses in human hair extension travelling to London, America, and Eastern Europe to discover what were the latest techniques. Bringing these to Ireland she built her clientele gradually and they now travel from all corners of Ireland, as well as London, Abu Dhabi and Europe to attend the Issonni studio.

Issonni is many years of passion for hair extension. It is 100% Glue free, 100% Re-useable and 100% about caring for your hair. Issonni is 20 years of hair extension experience and knowledge presented in a human hair extension service that has been tried and tested on many, many clients. Issonni is about natural looking ‘Perfect Hair’, hair that looks like you naturally just have a great head of hair. Colour matches that are seamless, hair systems that are easy to maintain and that are durable. Issonni is an affordable luxury, that offers an un matched service that goes hand in hand with selecting only the finest of human hair products.

Hair extensions are one of the most fabulous inventions ever created! Women leave Issonni with a pep in their step, more than often with their confidence restored. Each woman has their own requirements or concerns, and there are different solutions to faciliate each one individually.

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