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Our founder Emilia, began her hair enhancement career over twenty five years ago. With a lack of hair services for women of colour. Watching music videos and wondering how these awesome black women got their hair into these amazing styles. Emilia began enhancing her own hair with extensions and additions. Known to spend up to twenty or so hours micro braiding her own hair into intricate waist length style, she found she had a natural flair for hair. Her hair was poppin’ and hair extension became her passion.

Her obsession with finding the latest hair extension techniques, using the best human hair products lead to endless research. Which encouraged her to train around the world, and become certified by some of the best artisans in the hair extension industry.
Seeing the gap in the market she was one of a very few, to open the first hair extension salons in Ireland. With this ticked off her list of achievements, she became the muse behind one of Ireland’s fastest growing hair extension brands. Bringing glue free hair extension techniques to Ireland in 2004. She decided she no longer wanted to use her talents to promote other peoples brands, and in 2011 Issonni was born.

Emilia believes in quality over quantity, with emphasis on natural looking hair. She loves it when women leave Issonni with a pep in their step, often with their confidence restored.

IssonniĀ® is an award winning Hair Extension Studio, and Emilia is known for being one of the best hair extension technicians in UK & Ireland.

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