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Our hair extension service menu is designed with all hair types, densities and textures in mind. Each handcrafted design, and our different attachment styles give you flexibility and choice to meet your personal hair requirements and preference. The human hair we use is graded the highest premium quality which is sourced ethically, and not long term stored. The Perfect Hair Systems attachment styles are braid free, latex free and hypoallergenic. This means you the client get to wear your hair multiple times as the hair is 100% reusable

Weave Extensions
A combination of handcrafted wefts and our undetectable attachment style. This innovative hair extension system provides the natural hair with amazing sheets of voluptuous seamless coverage.
Completely undetectable this system is very discreet once installed, and is suitable for all hair types. The perfect method for instant volume, length or additional colour. This wonderful weft innovation is the most amount of hair you can install, with the least amount of attachments in your hair.

Individual Strand Extensions
We only bring our clients the best so we brought the latest in micro technology for our strand by strand hair extensions. Perfect Connections unique design make bonds and colour coated micro beads a thing of the past. For you gorgeous ladies who have busy lifestyles and want to just throw your hair up in a messy bun, whilst not having to worry about your connections being on show. This is the system for you.
For you finer haired beauties wanting a lighter finish that feels like your own. We have got you covered with the density that feels just like your natural hair, thus eliminating the worry that your hair will be pulled out.

Tape Extensions
Tape hair extensions have been around for a long time. Nowadays they are taking the world by storm! Tape extensions are a great option for all densities of hair. With our different attachment styles and techniques we can tailor this hair extension system, making it versatile and discreet. Finer haired babes can enjoy effortless seamless volume, without prying eyes spying these clever hair additions. The handcrafted hand tied hair is designed to create fabulous layers of luscious coverage. Often promoted as a more temporary install, our tape extensions our made to last and do not require maintenance for up to three months.

Hair Loss Extensions
We know that thin and thinning hair affects confidence, self esteem and our positive self image. Our hair loss solution has been heralded by our clientele as one of the most natural looking and longer lasting pieces they have worn. This amazing integration piece achieves luscious volume and coverage through out the crown area of your hair. The added fullness and length is created with hand tied human hair strands, installed to a flexible base. It really is the Rolls Royce of semi permanent hair loss solutions which can be worn full time for up to twelve weeks, without the need for mesh, hair shaving or adhesives. Interchangeable with our whole range we can also add additional length with our premium quality hair extensions.

Not quite ready to take the plunge on a more permanent solution yet? Maybe you swim a lot or wish for something you could wear on special occasions … we have got you covered too gorgeous girl, with our natural hair enhancer that you can just clip in yourself.

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