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Issonni Hair Extensions Ireland are 100% ethical, 100% traceable and compose of 100% human hair. Issonni have it on good authority that our hair is sourced ethically from India and China via stores where donors are invited to sell their hair. People willingly go to these stores to cut their hair and are paid in full for doing so. There are no unethical measures taken to source the hair for your 100% human hair extensions at Issonni.

In this current age we see gross exploitation and human rights controversy in the media daily, regarding the sourcing and/or production of consumer related products. Human hair extensions have become one of these products to come under the microscope. Shocking stories have hit the media from all over the globe. We believe in educating ourselves and our clients and have researched this area intensely before making a decision on where to purchase our 100% human hair extensions.

We have compiled a few links on what we found so that you can do your research too:
“Four years ago, the deputy director of Moscow’s Centre for Prison Reform confirmed that some prison wardens were shaving inmates’ heads as a way of earning extra cash, while the editor of the ethical shopping directory The Good Shopping Guide had reports of asylum patients’ hair being sold to extension companies” Read the full article:


One of the most famous articles in the UK and Ireland was a documentary by the singer Jamelia in 2008 – BBC 1 ‘Who’s Hair is it Anyway?’



Even the latest fashion accessory of Feathered Hair Extensions has hit controversy with PETA.
‘PETA alleges that the owner of the farms admitted on another website that he keeps the roosters in isolated cages’. Read the full article



Not only has the dodgy ethics behind where the hair comes from been covered, but also the dodgy people applying the hair.  ”The gulf between good quality hair extensions and the lower end of the market is widening. We are definitely seeing a rise in the number of young girls who have experimented with cheap, do-it-yourself extensions, that have damaged their hair”. Read the full article:


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