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Sep 27, 2011 

I am very happy with the end result of my hair. Emilia\’s work is excellent, she put a lot of thought and consideration into getting the colour exactly right. My hair feels and looks very natural, nobody believes its hair extensions!!!! I was worried about the whole thing but I put my trust in Emilia and I have to commend her for her brilliant work. I don\’t think I will ever get rid of them!!! I will gladly recommend her to anybody, I think she has a natural flare for this work.

by Pauline Donnelly – Clondalkin

Sep 27, 2011 

I decided to have hair extensions in because I was getting married. I basically wanted some extra length added to complement my own hair. Although I was a little unsure whether to spend that type of money on my hair, I decided to have a chat with Emilia who confirmed my original thoughts. When I had the extra length I was a little shocked and had the hair cut to a shorter length, however I fell so much in love with my human hair extensions I decided to have more done. Emilia took some out and replaced them with new longer hair. I was thrilled and even got complements from strange men in my local pub. Best money I have ever spent plus I have taken them out for the minute and not only has my own hair grown but it is still in excellent condition.

by Catherine Fitzsimmons – Kildare

Sep 27, 2011 

I recently got human hair extensions from Emilia, and I could not be happier with the results! My own hair was very thin and didn\’t have much length. I am getting married this Spring and really wanted long,beautiful natural looking hair. I cannot believe how fabulous they look! It has been three weeks since I got them in and they look as good as the day I got them done. They are as easy to maintain as if they were my own hair. I would recommend them to everyone!!!

by Eileen Treacy – Waterford

Sep 27, 2011 

I have been getting extensions done with Emilia for over a year now, I have tried serveral different methods including keratin glue, microrings and the lastest shrinks links which are fantasic for fine hair like mine. They are really affordable and are real human hair. They really transform the way I look! The quality of the hair is super and an exact colour match. I would highly recommend Emilia to anyone, she is so friendly and if your looking for amazing thickness, unbelievable style and length she is the perfect person for the job.

by Linda – Ballymun?

Sep 27, 2011 

I have had human hair extensions for the last 6 months. I intitially got them done for my friends wedding. I met with Emilia, she is very helpful & friendly and she gave me many different options – from different hair types to different methods of attachment (these were all new techniques not using any glue). My hair extensions were put in really well and I haven\’t had any problems with them, after I had them in 3 months I went back to Emilia to get them taken out & reapply them as they may start to get loose after 3 months, once you have kept the hair in good condition there should be no problem re using the hair so it was quite cheap just to have the hair re put in after 3 months. I often see girls with very obvious hair extensions! Emilia does a very good job matching the colour of the extensions with you hair colour and many of my friends who I have told that I have human hair extensions cant believe it and are always asking which is my real hair & which part are the extensions as they cant tell the difference.

by Eva Kane – City Centre

Sep 27, 2011 

I had my hair absolutely ruined by a disaster at the hairdressers leaving me with huge bald patches all over my head. I was at my wits end every day trying to cover up the patches until they grow back, my self-confidence took a huge knock and my social life came to an abrupt end. However after a visit to Emilia all that changed! It\’s like having a good hair day every day. I don\’t even know the extra hair is there it feels so light and I just can\’t get over how fab it looks. I have to admit I\’m hooked, even when my own hair does grow back I think I\’ll stick to the hair extensions!!

by Niamh McCarthy – Ranelagh

Sep 27, 2011 

They’re great, my husband thought he had a new wife!!! Joking aside, they are brill and easy to manage especially with the informative leaflet you gave me on how to look after them, that was my bible anytime I wanted to do any new styling I was able to refer back to the do’s and dont’s. You were right to keep the long length I could do anything with it I especially love when I take my plaits out and have lovely wavy hair. I went back to the girls, in my hairdressers to see what they thought, they think they are the best hair extensions they have seen, they thought they were really natural, I think they have started saving! As you know I have moved house, I have been meeting lots of new friends, they think my hair is lovely and when I tell them its hair extensions they can’t believe it. You think because you know you’ve extensions that other people will know but that’s not true they haven’t a CLUE!!!!!!!

by Caroline Holden – Laois?

Sep 27, 2011 

I have been getting extensions done with Emilia for the past year and I cant say enough good things about them. My hair was badly damaged by a hairdresser previously and I was left with very very fine hair, these extensions have been a godsend and my own hair has improved so much during that time, which proves that these extensions certainly wont damage your hair! Emilia offers a number of different non damaging methods (no heat, or glues) to suit all hair types and pockets!! I have had extensions but in by a few different stylists on occasion over the years but Emilia definetly gets my no 1 vote!

by Niamh Murphy – Kildare

Sep 26, 2011 

I have afro hair that has been through the mill, between treatments and styling I have a head of very dry brittle broken and damaged hair. What I love most about Issonni is that I finally have a way to have beautiful & full hair without further damage. As a women i think it is a major confidence booster to have hair that you love, and with confidence comes success. In the current times it is also a breath of fresh air to get a style that you love with a price tag that you also love using hair that is natural, durable and reusable. I am really happy that I started going to Issonni.

by Cassandra Jones

Sep 26, 2011 

I had been trying to grow my hair long for many years but it only ever reached my shoulders. I thought that I looked like a newsreader and I hated my shoulder length brown bob. I had my human hair extensions done by Emilia and in just three hours I had the hair that I\’d always dreamed of. I am absolutely delighted with the result and no one suspects that they\’re not real.

by Georgina Heffernan

Issonni , 5.0 5.0 60 60 After trying a number of well known products I discovered Issonni. Emilia has transformed my hair and my confidence in myself. On my first visit Emilia made me feel so welcoming ,


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