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Mar 09, 2012 

Imagine envisioning yourself in a particular way and then, all of the sudden, looking at the new you and FEELING like the new you.

First of all, nobody noticed I put on extensions, even if my hair suddenly grew about 6 inches … Issonni managed to match my impossible hair colour (everybody wondered how she did it), we found the right hair with the right wave and texture; it looks like it\’s mine, it feels like it\’s mine – it\’s mine, period! I don\’t have to style my hair anymore, it\’s perfect after simply blow-drying it with a diffuser, no styling products either. What\’s most important though is that it doesn\’t pull, it doesn\’t tangle, it doesn\’t bother me in my sleep – not even on the first day, it doesn\’t weigh my head down and the connections are completely invisible, so invisible, in fact, that people have to stick their hands in my hair and look up-close to see them (and I can see they still look baffled). I keep forgetting I have extensions on myself.

If you think I\’m exaggerating, I suggest you give it a try yourselves, especially if you\’ve had extensions on before, you will be pleasantly surprised!

by Clare O’Reilly – Dublin

Mar 01, 2012 

Just wanted to recommend Issonni and the amazing work they do. I had suffered from Alopecia and my confidence had been knocked from losing my hair. Issonni completely restored my hair to its former glory. I get compliments constantly about my hair all the time again and no one would ever know it was extensions. I\’ve just been back after having them in for 5 months and my own hair is thicker and longer than it has been in a long time. To anyone considering hair extensions for any reason, look no further. Issonni is nothing short of a magic and an absolute joy to go in there!

by Cathy

Feb 11, 2012 

I won a competition with Stellar magazine to get hair extensions. I had never even thought about getting them before this as my hair is very fine and I didn\’t think they would suit me. From the moment I contacted Issonni they were friendly and assured me that they would create a style that suited me. My hair was quite short before and now I can\’t imagine my hair without them. I have been recommending this salon to everyone I know and I will definitely be back in the future. Thanks :)

by lisa

Jan 17, 2012 

Just want to totally recommend Issonni her hair extensions.. I was very nervous about getting hair extensions after hearing a lot of \’horror stories\’ and it was my first time… But a month on and I am loving them, they are so natural no one will know your wearing them, Issonni colour matches your hair perfect, and its such a pleasure to go into which helps.. didnt take long to put in , no pain, but result beautiful hair (and not as expensive as other salons with cheaper hair)!! go to issonni if you want perfect hair

by linda

Dec 15, 2011 

My hair is very fine and with it being bleached also, I have to be careful how it\’s handled especially when it comes to putting extensions in. I had heard about Emilia at Issonni and from looking through reviews online, I knew she was the best in the industry. I had my first set of glueless extensions put in about 4 months ago and had them taken out again to get my hair fully bleached before my wedding day, I couldn\’t believe the good condition and extra length that was in my own hair, it had grown so much! I could not recommend Issonni enough, true professionals and passionate about the work. I can\’t imagine life without my gorgeous hair now!

by Aisling Dempsey

Sep 27, 2011 

I have very fine hair that always looked flat with not much volume or body and I wanted to have a fuller: thicker head of hair if possible. I looked up the internet about hair extensions and found Issonni. I made an appointment and havent looked back since. A professional in approach while maintaining a nice personal manner with customers. I got human hair extensions that make my hair look thicker and longer and a real hairpiece that clips on to make it fuller on top. Even colouring the hairpiece to match my own colour exactly! I get lots of compliments about my new look and nobody knows that it is not my own hair. I go back every 11 weeks or so to have them redone. I am so happy with the result that I am going to get a few more extensions done after Christmas. I would highly recommend Emilia and Issonni.

by Mary B – Carlow

Sep 27, 2011 

I first got hair extensions from Emilia in August 2005. My hair is quite fine and the only way I could grow it was to make it look full and thick. Emelia did such a great job I have been hooked ever since. The first appointment is the most expensive as you have to purchase the hair but after that, it is very reasonable to re-apply the extensions. Emilia keeps up to date with the latest technology and on my last visit she did the smallest beading ever. I recently had my hair cut which turned out to be a disaster. Emilia came to my rescue and did the most amazing cover up job. This girl is such a professional at what she does. It is not just a glamour job to her. She has helped so many people who have had problems with their hair to feel feminine and good about themselves. I would highly recommend her to any woman who was considering hair extensions to either thicken, lengthen or cover up problematic areas.

by Anonymous – Clondalkin

Sep 27, 2011 

I phoned and made an appointment with Emillia in June 2006 for hair extensions. I had recently had a shorter hair cut due to too many highlights and did not like the length. Emillia is a true professional and she helped me to choose extensions that would suit my natural colour. I did not want them to look fake. The hair Emillia uses is excellent quality human hair and my first lot of hair lasted 5 months with maintainance visits to ensure that the condition of my own hair remained good, which it did. My biggest fear with hair extensions was that my own hair would become thin. When I had them removed after 3 months to get my hair cut my hairdresser commented on the condition of my own hair and he was genuinely surprised at the great condition. He said that Emillia must be very good at her job as he has witnessed some nightmare cases! I have since gone back and had a new set of hair extensions in with highlights. This is great for me as I have quite weak hair so I was able to get a t-bar from my hairdresser and then Emillia ran the extension highlights through my hair this meant I had the benefit of highlights but without damaging all my own hair. Emillia did a brilliant job and everyone has commented on the colours and lovely highlights. I really have great fun with my extensions, curling them and and trying different styles with the length. I cannot recommed Emillia enough. She is honest in her opinion on styles, lengths and colours and is accomodating with her time. She is truely excellent at her job. I will be keeping her number on speed dial for years to come!

by Barbara Skerrit – Ballinteer

Sep 27, 2011 

I personally shopped around Dublin for not just any hair extensions but the best ones I could find. Eventually I found a true professional who took true pride in her work. The hair used is the best quality hair that could possibly be used. It blends fantastically. I guarantee that when I went to the hairdresser after I had them fitted they commented on the quality and method and were happy to confirm that they wouldn\’t damage my own hair. ( As usually hairdressers have something to say!!) As a busy professional woman I needed to look good in the morning without spending hours over my hair. Emelia took the time to show me the tricks of the trade, how to maintain them, how to keep them shiny. They looked and felt fantastic, I looked a lot more feminine and I notice I was approached by men more often (perhaps because of my new confidence they gave to me) When I first called upon the studio to see Emilia, she choose the best method for my hair, she assessed the condition of my hair and listened to my needs. She chose a budget which suited my pocket too. The method she chose was a flat method which was woven into my hair strands. After a disaster with a hair colour (blonde) she advised me on the best colour match. I wanted to have long(ish) but healthy brown coloured hair – my natural colour back. On the day she used her secret styling method and by the end of the few hours I was transformed and my confidence shot up. I had fished around on the internet and had done my homework on human hair extension, visited other hair extension studios and I chose Emilia because I found her to be the most professional who takes great pride in her work. In Dublin, it\’s difficult to find an expert in human hair extensions but Emilia has the know-how and the correct training. No tell tale hair line marks. She lairs the extensions in to perfection and they look and feel fabulous. She is extremely honest when it comes to length and colour and is certainly a woman who won\’t rip you off. I read on the internet that they are difficult to sleep on, I guarantee they aren\’t. I wash my hair the same way as I would without them. I wholeheartedly recommend Emilia as an excellent professional technicain with excellent experience and knowledge. Apart from the human hair being excellent quality I always feel I\’m in the safe hands of a professional. My hair had gone form dry and short and was instantly transformed to long shiny sexy locks and through time my own natural hair was allowed to be re-nourished and it now looks just as shiny and silky as the extensions without the hair serums. 100% recommended! I\’m delighted to be able to recommend a hair extensionist whom I have been working with for a year so far, don\’t get ripped off, get your human hair extensions done professionally and I guarantee you\’ll feel transformed and 100 times more beautiful!

by Josephine Coughlan – Malahide?

Sep 27, 2011 

I was very happy with my human hair extensions & would recommend them especially for anyone who is trying to let their own hair grow. Before I got the hair extensions my hair had become very dry from over use of a straightener, so it gave my hair a break and when I had the extensions removed after 3mths my hair was in far better condition than before & no breakage. I also found there was very little maintenance on them. They looked very natural, I got a combination of brown & blond extensions and they worked very well to give a natural look. Overall I was very happy with the results and I would get them in again.

by Mary Ward – Killiney

Issonni , 5.0 5.0 60 60 After trying a number of well known products I discovered Issonni. Emilia has transformed my hair and my confidence in myself. On my first visit Emilia made me feel so welcoming ,


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