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Since my hair grew back after chemo I have been so desperate to have luscious locks but as my hair has been slow to grow I had to go down the route of hair extensions which was what I did prior to having Breast Cancer. I am now on my 3rd set since last August. The first set I had applied was when my hair was extremely short but I just didn’t have the patience to wait. I went to Emelia in Issonni. She used a weft on my hair which is basically a weave it’s strips of hair sown and beaded into the head. The hair quality was excellent but I found the weft a bit clumpy but I’m sure others would like it.

Next I got a set of great lengths the quality of the hair was again excellent however I didn’t get the volume I expected for what I paid. When it came time for removal of the extensions well that process took about 4 hours !!! As opposed to the 30 minutes damage free removal of the weft.

So this week I got my ass back to Issonni and after a lengthy consultation with Emelia I opted for a tape extension. I had noticed in the CBB house Gemma Collins had them. They are basically hair attached to tape in small sections then they stick to the hair on your head and are clamped tight. At first I was scared they wouldn’t turn out and I wanted micro beads but Emelia assured me that this would be my best option for my hair type. Well leave it to the professionals I say and boy was I happy I did. The result a pre cancer head of hair extensions, I feel like the old me again all make up and hair lol. Issonni can work miracles on extremely thin hair and if you patted my head you wouldn’t be able to feel that there is extensions in it. Even my workies couldn’t believe the results. So girlos in my opinion these tape extensions are the bomb and they are easily removed with no risk of damage to your own hair, if you are thinking of extensions get yourself down to Issoni , Emelia won’t put you wrong oh and she’s a tonic you will leave smiling #hair #hairextensions #beauty #happy #pretty

Teresa Breast Friends

Full head installation Tape Hair Extensions

Full head installation Tape Hair Extensions

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