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Is my hair too damaged for hair extensions?



Caring for your hair extensions can be as simple or as complicated as you like. It often takes just a little tiny bit more than throwing your head over a bath and scrubbing them into a ball whilst hoping for the best. Excellent hair care is important whilst wearing human hair extensions.

At Issonni caring for the clients natural hair is the key to healthy hair. Only using carefully selected human hair extension systems that won’t damage the clients hair. The application, client care of their hair extensions once applied and regular maintenance appointments are all combined to see damaged hair clients go from your hair worst nightmares to having their confidence back.


Both of the clients pictured suffered damage due to colouring the hair. Heavily processed with colour, both weren’t sure if they would be able to get hair extensions.

Issonni offers many years of experience in consultation, application and removal. Ensure your technician is adequately experienced before getting hair extensions as incorrect application and removal can ensue in permanent hair loss.

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