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The best hair extensions to get?

Hair Extensions

Whilst doing research potential cients will go to great lengths to cover all the hair extension pros and cons. Then possibly all the myths associated with hair extensions ie: hair extensions will make my hair thin, hair extensions will pull my hair out, hair extensions will cause damage to my own hair!

There are many different hair extension methods which are suited to thin hair, thick hair, curly hair, all hair types. How to choose the hair extension solution for your hair type if you are opting for semi permanent hair extensions over buying clip-in hair extensions, is a job for a hair extension salon/professional. There are many how to videos on DIY hair extensions online nowadays, personally I have been providing a professional hair extensions service for the past ten years and still don’t glue, or sew hair extensions into my own hair!

Great hair extensions are not cheap, and cheap hair extensions are not great! Hair extensions prices are relative to the quality. In a nutshell permanent hair extensions cost a lot more in a reputable salon. Hair extensions with no glue are the most cost effective methods as the human hair is re-useable eliminating larger hair purchases each time your hair extensions are re-applied. Also with many years of experience in hair extensions without glue I believe they are less damaging to the natural hair with proper care.

Please pick through the Issonni hair extensions site to answer some of your hair extension questions, weigh up the pros and cons, take a look at the Issonni Before and after hair extension pictures on our blog and Facebook: www.facebook.com/hairextensionsalon to see if Issonni is the salon you will choose to create the look you’ve longed for!

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