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Hair Extensions Review Ireland

Forget bad hair days! One woman is on a quest to help Irish women tackle their thinning locks and put the Xfactor back into their lives. The average Irish woman will spend the equivalent of 26 years suffering from bad hair ……… Demelza’s Verdict: ‘Girls, we all know sometimes you have to fake it to make it. Having tortured my locks for years with colour, bleaching, straightnener and tongs it was getting its own back by weakening and breaking off. I was forced to get it cut to my shoulders, the first time since I was a child, and I was horrified. I felf exposed, my defences down, powerless, like Samson. Step up the lovely Emilia. After a 10-minute consultation to math up my colour she got to work weaving in the hair. it was pain free. i watched a DVD she provided and after about three hours my hair was restored to its former crowning glory. Flicking my lovely long Giselle like locks I was armed for battle again.’

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