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Thinning Hair or Hair Loss?


More and more ladies contact me these days in reference to thinning hair or hair loss. It seems an epidemic virus rate. There are many reasons behind it from Alopeica, Pregnancy, Thryroid disorders, Polysistic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) the list seems endless. Some ladies just have fine hair and feel it gets thinner due to age, and sometimes during stressful periods of their life, dramatic weight loss and surgery. There is also the self-inflicted issues such as cornrows and tight braided hairstyles which can result in traction alopecia. Chemical treatements such as bleaching, and excessive use of heated styling apparatus.

Integrated volumisers are a new innovative idea that disguise this very sensitive problem. Not offered as a cure rather than an intermediary solution.

At Issonni Hair Extensions Dublin 6w private studio, there are different services available to create naturally great looking hair within hours. Volumisers are requested for many reasons oustide of what is listed above, sometimes ladies just want that extra volume for that celebrity-esq big bouncy hair we see so much nowadays. They are suited to all ages with one of my oldest clients to date being 75 years old, this particular lady felt her hair had become very thin with age and she now looks 65! This system is applied in 3 hours and is 100% reuseable. With the longest reuse to date being 17 months! The products used at the studio really do stand the test of time with good maintenance.

The volumiser is a piece which is seamlessly integrated to your own hair disguising hairloss or thinning areas. Each hair volumiser is prodcued with 100% cuticle human hair, which is intricately handtied stand by strand with the finest craftsmanship hand blending the colours with magnificent lowlights and highlights.

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