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Hair Extension Appointments

At Issonni hair extension studio I personally apply all the hair extensions at your appointment. Every appointment is facilitated by previous booking, as due to being in high demand I can’t facilitate drop ins.

Currently for saturday appointments it is advisable to book two weeks in advance. I can’t stress enough that if you have a particular date in mind please do book with plenty of notice as I work off a deposit basis and cleints don’t generally cancel. Although if they do I can always keep your details to contact you if something does come up. I do work later evenings and these can vary around clients and the days they are looking for.

Most appointments take around two hours maxium three for larger jobs. This is attractive for girls who don’t want to be sat in the salon all day.

I stick to what I am good at (which is hair extension) and do not currently offer a colouring service although I can reccomend an excellent salon (as colouring hair is what they are good at) where I attend myself for my own colour. Also I have clients and friends who already attend the same salon and are very happy with them. Although I do think attending a hair salon is based on personal preference! They are around ten minutes away from Issonni, so some girls will book two appointments whereby they come in the morning for hair extension removal, go off to get their colour done then return for a later appointment. Again advanced booking would be best to ensure you get the day you would like along with being able to book the two appointments same day.

There are already people making appointments for November!

I will update this post with other information about appointments as I think of it.

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