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Hair extensions, my hero!

I have been a hair extension technician for many years and anyone who knows me, knows that I am very passionate about what I do. I put this down to being a very avid hair extension wearer myself and trying out numerous looks throughout the years. I love the way hair extensions transform my hair and my look. I’ve had countless looks through the years have taken from twenty hours a week, sitting four hours per evening braiding miniscule extensions into my own hair – to my five minute look whereby I put my hair into a bun and wear my trusty hair pieces. Hair extensions are my most versatile accessory I wear on a daily basis and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

I adored artists like Janet Jackson & Brandy and realised the only way to have hair like them was to wear hair extensions. I have worn some form of hair extensions permanently since I was around sixteen (which is longer than I’d like to mention ;-) ) although I think my proud as punch moment as a little girl was when I got my first Corn Rows with extensions at around seven years old.

Hair extensions have always come to my rescue from braids to weaves to the dreaded keratin bonds, covering my dodgy haircuts ie:my lovely Micheal Jackson afro when I was younger – to covering the abuse I have periodically inflicted on my poor hair! I have over processed my hair to the point of no return till it dropped off, cut it short (because Naomi Campbell was pictured without her famous weave …. before she went bald!) and I have always turned to hair extensions to correct what seemed the impossible!

If I have a fat day I put on my hair extensions and instantly feel slimmer, and if I wear a particular outfit or have a special occassion my hair extensions revolve around it!

My hair extensions are definitely my hero, coming to the rescue everytime!

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