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Thinning Hair & Hair loss Women

From the vast clientele which visit Issonni studio we listened to our clients needs and found that alot of women were using clip in attachements for their Volumizers. These are attached with Toupee clips. These pieces would be worn during the day then removed at night thus losing the beautiful hair they were wearing all day. Women wanted to be able to go to sleep and wake up with their hair on their heads without worrying during the day that a gust of wind would reveal their clip in hair piece. They also wanted more versatility being able to style the hair like their own.

Finally a system that doesn’t require a full day in the salon which provides seamless lasting results up to three months? Yes, a Volumizer can be worn full time & can now be applied to your hair with the REVOLUTIONARY 100% Reuseable Integrated Volumizer that is attached to your hair not just a clip-in!

The results are natural and available in different densities to facilitate up to 70% hairloss. The Volumizer can also be used for damage free innovate lowlights or highlights. A free consultation can assertain your requirements.

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