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Hair Extensions – The bad ones!

At Issonni Hair Extensions Ireland, Dublin 6w salon, many hours are spent correcting botched jobs. Do your hair extensions look like this? Our client happily let us take a picture of these hair extensions so we could share with people what is out there. Buyer ‘BEWARE!’ Is your hair extension technician certified and experienced?

These were put in about a month before the cleint came to us the cost: €150 for application + €120 for hair total financial cost to the cleint: €270 euro with one free maintenance included. She returned only a couple of weeks after having them applied to have the free maintenance, as after a couple of days they were falling out! This type of job is the recipe for damaging your natural hair & CAN ensue in hair loss.

Her new set with Issonni Hair Extensions were €325.

We do not like to critize other technicians work as their are many, many excellent Hair Extension Technicians out there! Although its important to make people aware of the damage that can be caused by incorrect application of hair extensions

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