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Mention the topic of hair extensions today and you will most likely be greeted by a vocal and very mixed response – everyone has their tales, both good and bad. Poor quality hair, garish WAG-esque looks and a barrage of unsightly glue bonds beaming out from the nape have all tarnished the reputation of hair extensions. Enter Emilia Ogoo (left) who plans to revolutionise this negative perception with her sleek new studio Issonni based in Dublin 6w. Emilia’s overall aim is to create hair that looks like you naturally JUST have a great head of hair. Trained in 10 different methods of hair extension application, including an exclusive system she has developed herself, Emilia is adamant that all Issonni hair extensions will be 100% glue free, 100% damage free, 100% reusable and consist of only 100% human hair. We caught up with Emilia to ask her some of the common questions people have when they are considering Hair Extensions.
Q: From celebs to the everyday gal, it seems that extensions are still growing in popularity every day. What do you think is the appeal to having these extensions put in?
A: Hair extensions offer instant gratification, they allow women to have the long, thick hair they yearn for but weren’t naturally   blessed with. They offer a solution for fine, thinning or damaged looking hair or for women looking for a quick fix for an occasion such as a wedding. Savvy women are now realising that they don’t have to put up with hair they are unhappy with and that hair extensions are now an affordable luxury not limited to those with a celebrity budget. Hair really is our crowning glory and I love   seeing how much a new look can improve someone’s confidence!

Q: Many women I have spoken to would consider it a big decision whether to get extensions put in or not – is it really that big a deal and is there any possibility of damage to your natural hair?
Of course hair extensions are quite an investment and it is not a decision that people take lightly. Customers are putting in a lot of research before taking the plunge and are looking for the most effective yet budget friendly option..   I find that a lot of customers come to Issonni because we offer glue less   installations that don’t damage the natural hair, as well as providing an   affordable, professional service.

Q: I have often wondered if you were going to take the leap and buy extensions, which would be a better option, to have a long lasting option or different styles or lengths that you could clip in and out  to change your look. Which would you normally recommend to clients? Or does it vary from client to client?
Clip-ins are great for people who want to try out a   new style but many women who use temporary attachments with different styles   and lengths find that they aren’t always able to install them securely. They   can be an ideal starting point for having something more permanent, as people   may want to wear this look everyday rather than just on special occasions. We   don’t offer a retail solution at this time, so women who come to Issonni opt   for the more permanant solutions but we can offer customised human hair   clip-ins which can be tailored exactly to match the hair. As with permanent   extensions it is essential to ensure that clip-ins match your hair type and   colour and that they are looked after carefully.

Q: What kind of hair do you use with Issonni Hair Extensions?
Only 100% human hair is available at Issonni, free from synthetic coatings, fillers and fibers. Human hair is the best choice for your hair extensions because it is identical to the look and feel of your own natural hair.
The hair we use is classified as Remy hair which means that all the cuticles are sorted into the same direction and all of the cuticles are intact. What does this mean to our clients? Well, it means the hair extensions are easier to maintain when combing out, brushing or styling the extensions. The hair is also Double Drawn hair, which means our clients get maximum   volume as there are no short lenghts. It also means our hair extensions are less likely to tangle, they are more durable and always look healthy and shiny with no colour fade.

Q: What methods are used to atttach the hair and how long would that process take?
Our most popular solutions are Perfect Connections   and Micro Interweave, these are glueless reuseable hair extension systems.   Generally our clients can expect to spend just two hours in the  studio.

Q: How long do the extensions then last?
A: The extensions can last up to three months.

Q: Is it affordable?
At Issonni we pride ourselves on being honest and upfront with our clients. We give exact pricing on consultation and also the exact pricing for their next appointment for having the hair extension maintained. Our prices differ depending on the individual client.

Q: In terms of aftercare and maintenance, are there many hidden costs associated   with extensions or is it that once off cost each time?
Extensions need to be removed and reinstalled to keep them looking at their best. We do this for 50% or less of the amount that the client paid at their first appointment. This means that clients can afford to maintain their new look.

Q: What tips for aftercare do you give to your clients?
We provide all of our clients with detailed   aftercare instructions which they can refer back to during the life of their   hair extensions. Hair extensions shouldn’t be difficult to look after but   there are specific “do’s and don’ts” that need to be followed to ensure that   they continue to look great!

Issonni, 173a Lower Kimmage Road, D6w. Tel: 01 405 5822


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