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It appears we are one of few hair extension companies left who are vague on pricing. The reason we don’t provide a full detailed price list at Issonni is because hair extensions, if done correctly, are a bespoke tailored service that is unique to each and every client. Choice of hair extension system, number of hair extensions or the texture of the hair can all have an effect on pricing.

At Issonni we recommend a number of hair extension systems which are variable in price, length and texture and each price is dependant on the system that is applied, what length it is and the volume of human hair needed. As a guideline, we have found that the average client spend is from EUR250 to EUR450, with all systems being 100% re-useable. On return the client only pays for the service on return as they have already invested in their hair.

We invite you to book a complimentary consultation where exact pricing for your installation and future maintenance can be ascertained with no hidden costs.

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